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What does Holistic mean?

What is holistic therapy?

Many people are often frightened when they hear the word holistic therapy and see it in some sort of weird witchcraft or evil magic of potions and spells that was performed in days of old,in times of dark horror and despair.

However; The word holistic was coined in 1926 by Gen. J.C. Smuts and is based on the Greek roots “holos”, which means ‘whole’. So you can see that holistic is relatively new but holos dates back to Ancient Greece. The Greeks used Holos to describe the “whloe” of something or someone, which later came became Holism.

Holism – theory or belief that the whole is greater than the sum of the parts.

Therefore holistic therapy or treatment is the treatment of the ‘whole’ client; body, mind and soul, not just the treatment of the symptoms or conditions.

Now that the meaning of holistic is made clear lets get a little deeper into this topic.

It is believed that we all have an energy flow throughout our body. This energy can not be seen but it is present. There are many different theories of where this energy comes from ( the earth, planets, sun and so on)but as a therapist it is our job to tap into the energy flow and unblock any blockages.

How do we do this?

Humans have seven energy centres called chakras. Think as the chakras as a house for the energy and the energy in each chakra flows out into our meridians. The meridians are the link between the energy to our entire body. The meridians are like little rivers of energy that flows throughout the body that energises our cells.

Still with me? Let me give you an example to explain this further. Our solar plexus chakra is situated around our stomach area. (Remember the chakra is our energy house)

The solar plexus is the core of our personality, identity and ego. It is the centre of our self esteem, will power as well as warmth. If the energy here is balanced you can see all these traits in a person. However if the energy is blocked then you may see the opposite. As the energy in our chakras is carried by our meridians ( rivers of energy) to our cells and throughout our whole body then blocked energy can’t get to the meridians or the energy is not pure and therefore has an effect on our systems. How?

Well as the solar plexus is the core of our personality this is where we tend to hold feelings of guilt, self discipline or even past experience. Holding on to such feelings can lead to digestive problems, as the energy is not balanced in this chakra.

So to answer the question on how do we unblock the energy, well we simply treat the client as a ‘whole’ rather than just their symptoms with Holistic therapy.

At Serenity we offer many holistic treatments through the technique of massage. Not only is massage a wonderful and relaxing treatment to receive but our trained therapists will balance your energy flow that will help relieve you from symptoms of stress, pain or discomforted and get to the root cause of the problems that maybe causing these symptoms.