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Aromatherapy Massage Background

The actual term “Aromatherapy” originated in 1937 after French chemist Rene-Maurice Gattefosse burnt his arm and plunged it into lavender, he was amazed of the heal power lavender had, and his burn healed quickly leaving very little scaring. On the heels of Gattefosse’s “discovery” that lavender oil helped to cure his burn, French surgeon Jean Valnet used essential oils to help heal soldiers’ wounds in World War II.

However Aromatherapy truly emerged from the temples of Egypt 6,000 years ago. Egyptians used the elements of Aromatherapy in their daily lives and documented records show that Egyptians burned incense made from aromatic woods and additional herbs to honour their gods.

Egypt was the motherland of medicine, pharmaceutics, cosmetics and perfumery. Trading was flourishing and traders arrived for trade from all over the world. The use of aromatherapy spread from Egypt to Israel, China, India, Mediterranean and every culture developed their own practice for aromatherapy.

For many centuries essential oils were the only remedies to treat widespread diseases and condition. At the time of the plague and during the middle Ages, it was discovered that certain aromatic derivatives helped to prevent the spread of infection, and others, such as cedar and pine, were burnt to fumigate homes and streets, but with the development of modern science, forms of herbal medicine disappeared, until the 1920s, when French chemist Gatefosse revived the art, giving it the name Aromatherapy.